The Mindful Drinking Club

I'm proud to present: The very first official MS Tapete wall went up last Thursday at my very good friend Jennie's new place 'The Mindful Drinking Club' on Prenzlauer Allee 31, Berlin, which will open in the next 2-3 weeks or so!

Jennie picked the 'Prothea' midday Design for her store and I couldn't agree more with her choice! It's a real eyecatcher, the colors go perfectly with the overall concept of the room and the placement next to the display window gives it tons of natural light and really pulls you in!

I'm super happy with how this worked out and very thankful for this opportunity to make my work visible and give it such an amazing plattform - I couldn't have wished for a better launch for MS Tapete!

Please check out 'The Mindful Drinking Club' at to learn more.